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We are starting a new season at Purpose Ministries. We are expanding our outreach in our ministry. Better stated, we are going further into the vision the Lord has given to us to fulfill in the Four Corners of Central Florida. Four Corners is the the area along the I-4 corridor, just southwest of Disney World, where the four counties of Lake, Osceola, Polk, and Orange meet. It encompasses the cities of Clermont, Kissimmee, Orlando, and Davenport Florida.


For the past year we have been ministering to homeless individuals by providing food, clothing, and shelter. Transportation has been provided for the purposes of obtaining ID’s, government assistance for the eligible, and obtaining necessary medications. Some of these we minister to, live literally on the street, while others belong to tent communities set up in the woods.


We have also partnered with other ministries that are involved primarily with assisting families. These have provided groceries, clothing, and one has a weekly feeding program. Also, a limited fund was available to help in emergency situations to rent a hotel room for a short period of time to alleviate the suffering of these families with children. This particular ministry has moved out of the area and is no longer available to help in these situations.


Needless to say a great need now must be addressed. We are called to fill the void and in an even greater dimension.


Our vision long has included ministry to these displaced individuals. Our goal is to assist these homeless families in obtaining a home and progressing to the point of self-maintenance and support. To start them on their way is the great challenge.


Hotel rooms have become home to hundreds of families in the Four Corners area of Central Fl.  They check in, not for one or two nights but for a week at a time. It is not for a week of fun while they visit the many theme parks, or to return to after a day at the beach. It is for survival. There is no where else to go. What money is left in their hands after losing a job and having overstayed their welcome with family, will provide shelter for the children and buy some time for mom and dad to figure out the next step. It may be only mom or only dad trying to juggle looking for work and how not to abandon the children so they don't end up on the DCF list and without their little ones.


And then what happens when they get that job. The two parent family can do better if both work but finding jobs on different shifts then becomes the challenge.


Microwave diets are not the healthiest, and if a two burner stove is allowed in the small room, there is only so much you can cook on these. The small refrigerator doesn't allow for much to be kept, if one is provided in the budget hotel room. Going out to eat, even from a value menu, becomes financially draining.


The school bus does stop near some of the motels. A car is still required for transportation, but how is the insurance going to be paid and the gas tank filled up.


These are just some of the challenges these forgotten families face everyday. For most the struggle continues for months.


Purpose! Ministries has seen the need and chosen to bring solutions to the matter through Operation Check Out.


With the Lord’s direction we at Purpose Ministries have developed a plan whereby we can restore dignity and place these homeless families in an apartment.


Assistance is required to make it possible to cover the rent and deposit for the first month. The power must be turned on and this also requires a substantial deposit. Necessary furnishing must be obtained, through donations, or by the way of thrift stores in the area. We are in association with two of these presently, so that will be done at very reasonable prices.

Bedroom, kitchen, and bath items must also be supplied.


I do not have time to cover every expense but I think you get the idea.


The proposed budget we are working with to help a family of four get started back up is $8,000 for a three month period. Care will be taken to assure that by the end of three months this family is self sustaining.  Employment will have been obtained, budgeting will be overseen, and safeguards put in place to guarantee the success of this family.


This is where you, dear friend, come in. Operation Check Out needs your participation.


We offer you the grand opportunity to partner with us in this Christian endeavor. You can be an instrument to bring souls into the kingdom and also to bring them out of human despair to a new life of hope and success.


The child we save could grow to greatness. Parents will once again feel significant. You will reap a harvest.


Click on the Donate tab and give. Or you can write to us. The information is on the Contact Us page. Purpose! Ministries is a 501c3 non profit corporation and your gifts are tax deductible.


Help us help those who need help. Give today to Operation Check Out.



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